Fractured Magazine is a small press publication with the avant-garde in mind. It will be published over multiple formats with the hopes of reaching varied and continually expanding audiences. We are looking for fiction, non-fiction, essays, articles, op-ed pieces, photography, music, video, artwork, illustrations, and poems. Contributors who are accepted for publication will receive a contributors copy and the satisfaction of sharing your work with the world.

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Sep 08

SUBMIT!! Issue Two!

Issue two will be published in January and will have a deadline for submissions of December 1st.

This issue’s issue’s theme is “duality”. This theme is very loose, open to interpretation,¬†and hopefully none too restricting. Feel free to explore the nature of both the word and the concept.

Though our primary focus is prose fiction and non-fiction as well as photography and painting, we are accepting anything for possible publication. Anything that you believe constitutes art or any form of social commentary. Fracture Magazine hopes to become a continuing collective of unique and varied perspectives.


Aug 23

Submission Deadline closing in

The September first deadline to submit work for the first issue of Fractured is fast approaching. Get your work in now, short stories, poems, paintings, pictures, essays, comics, music, movies, anything.

If you have music or a video of some sort for us it will go up here on the tumblr along with a few slelct cuts from the printed mag to make up the first online issue. Get you work out there, expose yourselves.


Aug 11
Fractured Promo pic

Fractured Promo pic

Jul 15

Issue 1 details


Issue one will be published in September and will have a deadline for submissions of September 1st. This is a strict deadline.

The first issue’s theme is “endings”. This theme is very loose, open to interpretation, and hopefully none too restricting. It is also intentionally ironic.

What we are looking for- anything! Anything that you believe constitutes art or any form of social commentary. Fractured Magazine hopes to become a collective of unique and varied perspectives and is seeking submissions from any person regardless of age, race, sex, or creed. We are seeking art in the same manner- regardless of form, genre, medium, or purpose. The only requisite is that it is art done to the artist’s fullest potential.




Submission Guidlines

Send any submissions to

Writers- 12 pt. Times New Roman font. One inch margins. Already proofread manuscripts of any size or style will be accepted for possible publication. (though size is a factor and larger pieces may be broken up over several issues).

Artists & Photographers- send any image to the above email, or contact us for special assignments/ideas. One artist/photographer per month will be given the front and back cover of the magazine.

Artists Rights
- We are a not-for-profit magazine and are focused on the integrity and rights of the artists who submit their work and those who are published. All rights revert to the artist upon publication.

- One contributor copy. Respect.

Any proceeds after all costs are covered will be donated to local charities.